Record. Track. Share. Be the driver of your healthcare journey.

OKÜ is an innovative tool that empowers you to take control of your health, allowing you to effortlessly capture and track your symptoms and pains, for comprehensive records of your health condition and medical history. Sharing this information with your healthcare specialists, you can expect high-quality consultations that drive accurate diagnoses, effective treatments, and real improvements in your holistic health and wellbeing.

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Exactly what you need for personal health management

OKÜ is uniquely built to focus on and support YOU, the patient, by putting your health firmly in your hands.  

OKÜ innovations guarantee two things, a sharper awareness of your health, and a more effective way to contribute to accurate medical diagnoses.

Record. Track. Share

Record your pains and symptoms, simply, quickly, accurately

With just a few clicks, easily & instantly record pains and symptoms as they are occurring, via a body map locator, drop & drill-down options for clicking on, and Bluetooth connections with a variety of smart and healthcare-related devices. 

Track your pains and symptoms, to get total health awareness

Quickly and easily open and view dashboard displays of the pains and symptoms that you have observed and recorded, AI enhanced and formed into trends, patterns and insights for maximum health awareness.

Share your health-status reports via integrations with all healthcare systems

Improved personal health awareness helps to create a detailed clinical picture, which powerfully improves your contribution to the medical consultation and to the diagnostic processes.

Mis-diagnosis! Poor recall of pain and symptoms details can literally cause this

Once OKÜ is in your hands, the universal problem of poor recall, that contributes to a high rate of medical misdiagnosis, will become less of a problem for you.

Empower your health with oku , for a truly okay you!

OKÜ’s quick and easy functions can be accessed via a range of quick and easy subscription options. Email us now.

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